Ellen's Story


Ellen’s lifelong psychological challenges increased with age and a short-stay with us helped her return confidently home. Read what her husband has to say about our SUCCESS behavioral health program and the difference it made in their lives.

Successfully navigating a behavioral or other psychological challenge requires specialized support.

At Potomac Valley our unique SUCCESS℠ program enables people with short- or life-long mental health issues to maximize independence and maintain family relationships.

We can also uniquely provide skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy services in conjunction with a behavioral health stay if required.

An innovative four-step approach drives SUCCESS℠.

  1. 'Holistic' assessment process (medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and physical elements that may impact psychological wellbeing).
  2. Goal development in collaboration with patient and family.
  3. Support and goal monitoring by our SUCCESS℠ team (physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, neurologists, consulting pharmacists, psychiatric clinical nurse specialists, social workers, clinical dietitian and others).
  4. Successful transition to a place of higher independence (which may or may not entail further community support).

We invite you to reach out to us if you interested in working with Potomac Valley.

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Email: admissions@potomacvalley.com